Hey, Girlfriend!

I’ve been trying to call you, but as usual, you’ve been on the GO! What a hectic time this is in your life, with so many of your family in crisis. But, rest assured that our prayer team is holding you up in prayer.

Anyway, since I haven’t been able to talk to you, thought I’d do the next best thing and dash off an email…what DID we do before PCs were invented?! I don’t have much news…still trying to get these 3 acres of grass cut. Between the heat and the rain, I now need a scythe before getting the old mower cranked up! The only way I can spot the cats, is if I see the clover moving…now, that’s some high grass!

We are still having services at the little Church. We started out with a crowd of 4. The next Sunday, we had 3, and last Sunday we had 2…all these numbers, of course, includes ME! So if things continue this way, guess I’ll be preaching to myself next week! Oh well, we aren’t impressed with numbers, are we…but we can’t continue in REVERSE, lol! Just keep us in prayer…this is GOD’S work, and He will take care of bringing people in…I am just responsible to feed the ones that come. Of course, you and hubs know what that partnership is all about!

I have found that as we get older, we tend to trust God more with the details. I used to worry so much about the little things, which loomed so large in my mind. Now that I am in my old age, I have more of a rest in my spirit. I guess after walking with Jesus for 53 years, I am learning to trust Him. It is a slow process for most of us. I never worried about the senior years, because I was so sure the Rapture would happen before I ever saw it. Surprise! We are still here!

I’m glad I have gotten to experience this part of life, because it has been a bit of an adventure so far. I think that God has imparted to me the gift of laughter, to get me through this last stage of living in this mortal body. For instance, I have discovered a few things. One surprising example: old people don’t sweat!

The down side is that you may develop a few barnacles growing here and there, that need scraped off now and then. The up side is that you save a bundle on deodorant! You don’t notice any B.O. smell, but every once in awhile, if you stand downwind of yourself, you will catch a faint odor of mold!

Another great savings is, no more feminine products to buy, but that is cancelled out because we now must purchase diapers, and denture cream. I have also noticed that my hairline is receding. (To make matters worse, the hairs that are falling out of my head are now attaching themselves to my chin)! How odd that we leave this world the same way we entered it…no hair, no teeth, and needing diapers!

Doing housework becomes an adventure, especially when you cannot remember where you put the vacuum…(HOW can you misplace something that big? Just call me Grandma Houdini)!

Taking a shower, washing your hair, brushing (or finding) your teeth is another adventure,

and trying to cut your own toenails turns into a very bad circus contortionist’s act.

Getting dressed in the morning can really start the day off with a laugh, as it did this morning.

During this hot weather, I have been wearing these long, loose-fitting sun dresses. (With all the overlapping patches of spider veins, which give my legs a definite purple hue, I wear baggy slacks under them when I go outside)! These house dresses have 2 huge pockets made out of the same material, attached on the front. Of course, I carry tissues, etc. in the pockets. I generally can wear a dress 2 or 3 days around the house, before they need washing. Since I wanted to cut grass later this evening, THEN take a shower, I slipped on the same dress I wore yesterday. As they have no collar or sleeves, one must be careful when getting dressed. As I was sitting at the kitchen table having my coffee, I fumbled around for a tissue, only to discover that I was sitting on my pockets…yes, I had put the dress on backwards! I remembered my dear mother’s words when she was at my age now, “I certainly keep myself entertained”!

Another favorite is when I walk into a different room and can’t remember WHY! When that happened to her, Mom would say, “Where am I? What’s my name”? We’d all laugh and say, “Are you lost again, Mom”? “No, not lost…just misplaced”!

In conclusion, I will say that even though these senior years can be full of laughter at ourselves and each other, old age ain’t for sissies, BUT God is the God of our old age…AMEN!

Have a blessed day!

Your Senior Sister

P.S. Did you ever think how different things could have been if Adam would have taken responsibility and repented, instead of passing the buck and hiding from God?!