I recently read a posting on a Facebook page. From other readers comments,  I got the impression there were several people that took it personally, and thought they might be the target of these comments. Surprisingly, there are quite a few members in my own family that find this tactic of deleting everyone that causes them stress to be the norm. I for one know that there have been several times in my life, that I have caused my family to be embarrassed by my actions or choices. However, there have been just as many and in some cases more times that the shoe was on the other foot, and I have been embarrassed by their actions. In all these situations we always managed to maintain a relationship with each other. I think we all may cause our families grief, but I thought family was supposed to love us regardless of our short-comings.
I recently became a deletee. It does not matter what I've said or done to make amends with this person, there is no fixing it. Even though we may say we are Christians and are to be Christ-like in our actions, how can we say we forgive and then delete that person from our life? I can't remember Christ forgiving someone and then tell them "I have forgiven you, now leave me alone and stay out of my face because you cause me too much stress"! I believe it states in the Bible to forgive that we may be forgiven, not forgive others and then cut them out of our life.

I thought we Christians were different but I am ashamed to say no one could tell  by some of our actions/reactions toward each other that we even attended church. We seem to look for veiled insults in what the other says to us, think the worst of any little incident and that any negatives apply directly to us. There are too many misunderstandings, little trust toward one another, and we tend to be too self-absorbed and touchy!
I love all my family very much and do not look forward to the day they are no longer around, or that I'm no longer here.
Too much time slips by without making peace with each other, or without speaking to each other. If we can't get along here what makes us think we can in Heaven? Guess some of us won't be there. I pray that I'll be there. I believe that God has given me peace in my being deleted, and have no bad feelings or ill will toward those who have done so. Of course, I am looking forward to the day that things are right between us again. So if you are full of animosity or bad feelings toward anyone, hit your knees and ask God to give you the insight on how to correct the things that you hold against them and to be able to forgive, so that you yourself may be forgiven.

Wanda Fresh
Nov. 2009