This month Pastor Ted is going to take us through the book of Mark.  The first chapter speaks of how Jesus was rejected.  In chapter 7 it speaks of how the people begin to open up and accept Jesus for who He is – the  Son of God.  There’s a man who is deaf and in need of healing.  There’s a woman whose daughter is possessed and in need of healing.  At the end of the month we’ll hear of how Jesus walked on water and calmed the storm.  Jesus had been rejected as the king so many times, but finally the people have begun to call him King.  This month at the contemporary service we’ll be using a song that speaks of how people from many walks of life call on His Name.  Today,  more than ever  I think we need to remember  to call on the Name of Jesus.  We may not have the challenges that the deaf man or the distraught mother had, but we all face obstacles on our walk through this life.  The first step to becoming a better disciple is remembering that we need Jesus to be our King.  We did this song on Christmas Eve and the message is the same today as it was then– Messiah! Come and Be Our KING! 

See you at the 9:45


Psalm 104:33