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Recently, a friend was asked to write for her church's monthly newsletter, as the director of the Celebration Service (contemporary music). It seems that this is what a lot of our churches are embracing these days, in order to keep the younger members involved. Her aim is to show the elder congregants and the younger ones just how similar they are in their worship.

I felt her writings deserved a spot on our website, so we are launching Dawn Abel's first "It's Contemporary" articles on our new Friend's Page link. She appeals to all age groups and is a valuable asset to the body of Christ. She blesses many with her joy and enthusiasm and is gifted beyond being a minister of music, and an accomplished soloist. You may visit her home church at:

I hope you enjoy Dawn's contribution and fresh input to the Home Place Mission.

Pastor Moser

It's Contemporary
By Dawn Abel

Have you ever sung the song Amazing Grace? Ever wonder where that song came from? It was written by a man named John Newton in the late 1700’s.

Fast forward to the summer of 2007. You’re in the car driving down the road listening to the radio and all of a sudden you hear a song called “Grace Like Rain”. You recognize the lyrics from “Amazing Grace” that you’d sung in your own childhood. That’s because they ARE the same lyrics Contemporary and traditional music are more alike than you think. Both of these songs share the exact same message. If it weren’t for the Grace that God provided through His only Son our Lord Jesus Christ – where would we be? If you get some time this month, go online and check out the story of John Newton – the guy who first penned “Amazing Grace”. Todd Agnew gave this song a contemporary beat and chorus to relate to today’s Christian. See, contemporary music is SO exciting because it reminds me of Pentecost. When the Holy Spirit came down upon that one little church and made the disciples speak in many different tongues, it was so that EVERYONE would be able to hear and understand the Word of The Lord. I think contemporary music is a form of “today’s tongues”. We use it to praise The Lord, we use it to spread the Gospel and today it’s even permeated into mainstream and onto such stations as VH1 and MTV. OH YES kiddies, your MTV is playing Contemporary Christian Music – PRAISE GOD!

Each month I’ll be writing a little bit about our service and an upcoming song.

The more you learn, the more you know and grow in the Body of Christ.

See you at the Celebration!