In July, 2010 my family and I vacationed in northern California. We were on our way to go camping in the Redwood forest when we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. As we were getting out of the car I noticed a group of young Hispanic males going into the restaurant being led by a man on crutches. After getting our food we ended up seated beside the young men. As I looked over I noticed the fellow with the crutches also had a cast like boot up to his knee. I spoke to the young man and asked him what happened to his leg. He said that he had torn all the tendons and ligaments in his foot and leg. He said that it was so painful he could not use it at all. I asked him if he would like prayer because I knew that our God was in the healing business. He looked at all the other guys at his table and with everyone smiling he said "yes." I then anointed him with oil laid hands on him and began to pray. As the prayer ended the young man stood up and said "there is no pain!" He then told one of the young men with him to go to the car and get his back pack. While the young man took off running to the car the fellow with the crutches said,"I am the youth pastor at our church and these are the members of our youth group. We are on our way today to a big youth rally up north. When I woke up this morning the Lord spoke to me and said "Take your other shoe with you today." I replied "Why Lord, I can not use it." He again said "Take your other shoe." So I did put my shoe in my back pack.
As the young man returned with the back pack he began to pull out his shoe. He removed the cast like brace and placed his shoe on his foot. Everyone shouted as he stood up passed his crutches to one of the guys and walked out of the restaurant.
   God had a Devine appointment that day and we had the privilege of driving hundreds of miles to be a part of the miracle healing that God orchestrated for a California youth pastor on his way to a youth rally. God moves everywhere, even in the Redwoods.