As elders of our church my husband and I routinely visit the local hospitals to pray for the sick. One morning about four years ago we received a call from our long time friend Pauline telling us that her husband John was scheduled to have his leg removed the following morning. She asked us to please go and pray for his healing. When I hung up the phone and relayed the message, my husband and I knew that we had to go. When we arrived at the hospital we found our friend very depressed at what was soon to take place. While they talked I realized we had so little time, for the operating room was reserved for him. As we began to pray, I said "Father I am not here to ask for a healing because Lord we need a miracle." Only a miracle of God would stop the surgeon from completing his task. We finished our prayer and our visit and went on our way. As time would have it we lost contact with John and Pauline and never knew how the Lord handled our prayer. Well, praise His name, 2 weeks ago on Sunday morning the church door opened up and in came our friends John and Pauline. We were so happy to see them, I looked down and John had both legs.I then said "We haven't seen or heard from you since we came to the hospital and prayed for your leg." John said "When the doctors came in the next day the leg had good color and blood flow and they cancelled the surgery." "So here I am, standing on a miracle."
     God is a good, good, God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He was and still is, in the healing business, and miracles still happen!!!