Hello, My Boys...

Just a few lines to ask how you both are doing and to let you know that your "Grandmudder" is about the same. You know how I can get myself into some silly situations.

While sorting through the freezer the other day, I discovered
an ice cream container with coffee, a paper coffee filter,
and a measuring scoop in it. Needing the container, I
emptied the coffee into a plastic bag, laid the filter on
the table and put the scoop in the dishpan.

Later I had some errands to run, so as I was leaving, I
grabbed some napkins and stuffed them in my pocket. Sure
enough, as I was driving along, I needed a tissue. I was
glad I had thought to get the napkins.

As I was wiping my nose, I noticed the tissue was rough,
and smelled like coffee. I looked at the tissue, and
laughed out loud when I realized I had just wiped my nose
with a COFFEE FILTER!!!!

Oh well...another Grandy moment!

Have a great day guys, and remember I love you very much!

August 8, 2002