While shopping at my favorite store, I visited the ladies room.  As I was the only one in there, I heard the door open, and I could hear someone speaking as she entered the next stall.

With a slightly frail-sounding voice, she said... "Lord, I thank you that I made it here today.  But Lord, you know my legs hurt so bad.  Lord, please help me make it home.  God, you know I have one more stop to make and a 30 minute drive to go.  Give me strength to make my trip home.  Help me, Lord.  Touch me Lord, so I can make the journey.  Thank you Lord."

Standing at the sink, in the quiet of the moment, my heart was stirred and I knew that I needed to pray with this precious saint.  When her door opened, I smiled and said, "I heard you call on the name of my Father, so that means you're my sister, and I would like to pray for your safe journey home."

I touched her forehead with a drop of anointing oil (that I always carry in my purse), and laid my hands upon her.  I asked the Lord to bless her, and as I continued to pray, her chin quivered and tears rolled down her sweet face.

When the last amen was said, I felt her arms go around me and squeeze with all that was within her.  She said, "Thank you, my sister.  Thank you for praying with me.  That was so wonderful to find someone to agree with me.  Why do you think people don't do this more often?"

It was then that I realized, it is because we don't know the need.

Today, the Lord gave me the privilege to overhear this need in a Wal-Mart restroom!


(Written by my sister, Kathy, from Apache Junction, AZ)