In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  According to the Bible, this was God's first act with which He marked the beginning of Earth's history.  We cannot know what happened before this.  We do know there was this whole rebellion thing going on in Heaven among the angels, until God kicked out the ringleader and his cohorts.

Most Bible scholars believe that Satan, formerly known as the arch-angel Lucifer, landed in the first Heaven, where our planet happened to be.  There is also a strong belief that a pre-Adamic race was formed and was so evil that the Earth had to be destroyed, for the FIRST time.  It is thought that that incident occurred between verses 1 and 2 of the first chapter of Genesis.

However, this is not the subject to be discussed today.

God had a plan in mind to create a free-willed race of people in His own image.  He created the setting before creating the people.  God prepared the universe and created the sun and moon, and the planet Earth, complete with air, water, plant life, and animal life.  Finally, God planted a garden, and then the place was ready for mankind.

At first, God created the human male, and they walked and talked in the garden on a daily basis.  He called THEM Adam, and God gave him charge over the garden and the animals.  That may have gone on a long time; we just aren't told.  At some point, the Lord noticed that man wasn't as happy as he could be because it had come to the man's attention that all the animals had mates except for him.

And God saw that it was not good for man to be alone.

Everything else God had done, He saw that it was good… but this situation was NOT good.

God did the only thing He could:  He caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and He took a rib out of him and closed up the opening with flesh.  Then the Lord "built up and made into" a woman from the rib (Genesis 2:22 Amplified Bible).  The Lord could have just taken another handful of dirt and made a woman, like he had made the man.  But they would have been separate beings, and man needed a binding connection to his mate.  In a sense, the man gave "birth" to his mate.  God put in her all the things that were missing in man.  She was called his "helpmeet," meaning a help that was "proper, suitable, and fit" for him.

When God presented her to the man, Adam said, "This is IT!"  (Guess he really was lonely!)  Adam called her "woman" because she was taken out of man.  At this time, God still called her Adam.  Her husband called her woman, because that was WHAT she was.  After the fall, her position would change -- man became the one responsible for her, and God said that a husband would be the head of the wife.  Adam then named her Eve.

Woman honed her talents in the Garden.  One day, she made a very serious mistake, but the man, who was there with her, didn't speak up against the Serpent's lies either, and so the first couple was kicked out of the Garden by God Himself.  However, God in His mercy and love for His first family, didn't leave them defenseless.  He was watching over them.

Today's women have instincts (the devil hates that) which are like radar, and they can sense when something is wrong or when evil is approaching.  Women are like the watchdogs of the home and the church.  After the Garden fiasco, women developed spiritual discernment.  I heard a preacher say that men are foolish if they don't listen to the "feelings" of their wives.  If she gets a bleep on her radar screen, men should stop and investigate the matter.

The preacher went on to say that he and his wife were at a teaching convention, and as they were returning to their room, he commented on how he had enjoyed the last speaker.  He asked his wife what she thought about him.  She said, "Oh, his message was good, but I just get this feeling about him."

"What do you mean, a feeling?" he asked.

She answered, "I don't know; it's just a feeling that something isn't right about him."

That is the HELPMEET part kicking in.  Men don't have that in its fullness, as a matter of nature.  They have to pray for spiritual discernment.  However, even an unsaved woman can tell if another female is hitting on her man.  She tells her husband, but he doesn't believe it.  He often defends the other woman by saying she is "just being friendly."  He doesn't have a CLUE!

The preacher said that he later found out that his wife was correct in her feelings!

In these last days, we are seeing more and more team teaching.  Now the wives are sharing the pulpits with their husbands and spearheading women's meetings and conventions.  Finally, the family of God is working together in unity of purpose.  Husbands and wives called to ministry are going into the fields to reap the harvest hand in hand, Praise God!

If you go into most churches in America, you will notice that there are more women than men in the congregation.  For many years, over half of the Body was not receiving personal ministry.  Thank God, the men who make up the governing bodies of the Church have realized their error in keeping the women "silent in the church."  Most leaders have now seen that "there is no male or female in the Spirit."  This does not diminish the divine order of the church or the home; it is merely utilizing the largest body of Christians to help get the Gospel out prior to the coming of our Lord!

I thank all the men who have opened their pulpits to the sisters... we are in this thing together.  There is no more time for foolish bickering in the name of doctrine.  It is time for all of God's people to roll up their sleeves, grab their swords, and take back this planet for Christ!

God Bless You All,
Pastor Moser
July, 2005