Hello Readers…I hope you had no problem finding us at this new location. It seems like we are constantly in a state of adjustment in this fast-paced world. After a certain age, adjustments get a lot harder. We get set in our ways, and just want the peace of routine, which is in conflict with growth, and may be lead to stagnation. 

This country as well as The Home Place Mission is in a transition. America made her choice, at the voting booth this month. The slogan “time for a change” became quite wearisome, but certainly prophetic. It remains to be seen if it will actually be a change for the better! As an independent voter, I have no partisan ax to grind. I vote for the candidate whose views are the closest to the Word of God. As a Christian, that is what I am required to do. I must answer to God one day for who I helped put into office. I consider that a greater responsibility than to put my trust in a government, or anyone’s campaign promises, which at best is usually taken from their wish book. 

If you read last month’s article, you know what the greatest issue was for the Christians. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in the minority. The majority esteemed their own priorities and agendas above the Word of God…and the fall-out has already begun. 

What can the Church do now? The Bible tells us we must pray for our leaders. Prayer is the only weapon we have against the oncoming avalanche of godlessness that is about to envelope us. As a nation, we cannot commit infanticide, or court those who hate everything this country was originally founded upon…namely the Lord Jesus Christ, and all that He stands for. If anyone who wants a TRUE historic report concerning the roots of America, please go to www.wallbuilders.com . 

So many of the faithful prayed and fasted for this election, yet we lost. However, God already knew what the majority of Americans truly desires…and it is not Him. As a Bible teacher, I know that the fulfillment of the book of the Revelation is near the 1st verse of chapter 4, where Jesus says “Come up here”. We refer to it as the Rapture of the Church. This country began its spiritually downward spiral in the 1960’s. The closer you get to the end of something, the faster it goes. According to Bible prophecy, WE are that generation who will see this world-wide, astonishing event. To see the hardness of men’s hearts toward God escalating these past 40 years, verifies this conjecture. 

So be of good courage. God takes care of His own.

He said:

“A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it shall not come nigh thee” Ps. 91:7.

“I have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread” Ps. 37:25.

“Fear not little flock, for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom”. Luke 12:32.

“If you have faith… nothing shall be impossible unto you” Matt. 17:20 

This is the time for the Church, the Bride of Christ to “look up for your redemption draweth nigh” Luke 21:28. 

So hunker down, look up and gird up your spiritual loins. Intensify your prayer-life and get your marching orders. Study the Bible, give God the first fruits of your day and finances, and get into an on-fire church. Share the Gospel with everyone you can. Make this the ‘last days’ soul-winning blitz. Reach out and snatch sinners from the fire, as “ the harvest is great, but the laborers are few…pray that the Lord will send forth laborers into his harvest” Luke 10:2.  Night is coming and we won’t be able to work, so bring in your personal harvest, while it is still day.  

Jesus is coming soon…Hallelujah!!!  

God Bless You All,

Pastor Moser

November, 2008 

W. O. W.   (Word of Wisdom)  

We do our part but the battle is the LORD’S!