The year 2009 is now history, and we have just completed the first month of the New Year.

2010 began with a bang, to say the least. The poorest country in the world experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes in this generation. On Tuesday, January 12 a 7.0 earthquake hit the island of Haiti, almost leveling the capital city of Port Au Prince. The death toll may never be accurately known, as two weeks later they were still discovering people alive under the rubble, while burying thousands in mass graves. The world rallied to help, as people were sleeping in the streets without shelter, food, or water, the government buildings were severely damaged, and very little access to the ports of entry, as cargo waited to be unloaded. As medical teams arrived, they couldn’t get to the injured fast enough, as there were so many. In the midst of all this pain and confusion, the first aftershock hit at 6.0, creating more damage and misery.

On the home front, America’s politics are in the continued uproar which began not long after the current administration came into power, on his platform of CHANGE. Last year’s "Tea Parties" were a bit of a surprise to a government who thought all the Lemmings had fallen into the sea; then the conservatives tossed in a vote out of RIGHT field this new year, by voting in a Republican Senator to fill the Massachusetts seat vacated, after 40 years, by the death of Edward Kennedy.

The anti-abortionists are still protesting, and the same-sex marriage rulings are still being voted down statewide by the voters, whenever it comes UP for a vote. Our government is supposed to be OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people, yet the majority is ignored, and the minority rules.

Our economic status has only gotten worse, with all the runaway spending. The conservative politicians who refuse to dummy down, and some liberals, (in view of upcoming elections in November), are very much against this frivolous budget, and have even made accusations of backroom deals!

We are noticing that many of our basic constitutional freedoms are at risk, especially religious freedoms, as the new "hate crime" laws are looming in the foreground. Of course, not all religions are being targeted…it is just that Christianity stands alone in the midst of all the "isms" in the world, and we are beginning to be singled out in America, especially on prime time TV programs!

Weather wise, we have had the coldest winter in two decades, the crops are freezing in the south, so food prices will have another excuse to rise, and it is only JANUARY! At least the "Blizzard of ‘93" waited until March! (What happened to global warming)!?

America is still under the heels of the foreign oil companies, even though we have an abundance of our own natural resources. Since our laws won’t allow us to be independent, we must endure their bullying. I’ve heard it asked, "Who is running this asylum, anyway"?

This year the seniors are not getting their normal Cost of Living raise in their monthly Social Security checks, and those who have just turned 65 will now be getting a big cut in their checks to boot, as they are forced to accept and pay for Medicare. Many had their own insurance through their retirement plan, but now have to make Medicare their first coverage. I guess we just don’t understand the government’s health care issues!

It isn’t bad enough that we have problems in our own country, our government is messing in God’s business. Currently, the USA has taken the lead among the nations in forcing Israel to give up land for peace. This policy basically started in 1991 when the U.S. drafted the Madrid peace conference, which was designed to get the Nation of Israel to give up land for peace. No good will come of that, as George Bush Sr. found out.

The Madrid peace conference was to begin on October 30, 1991. That same day, the largest storm in Atlantic history formed in one day off the coast of Nova Scotia and started moving westward. (The pattern for weather in the United States is the opposite). It damaged the East coast, and 30 foot waves pounded President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine; it was recorded as one of the worst storms to date. God served notice on America.

Most people don’t know that Joel 3:2 plainly states that it is an offense to God if anyone tries to divide His land, and there will be dire consequences on any nation who tries. God has dealt with every nation who came against Israel, as well as individuals. Each of our Presidents and/or his home state, who have attempted this "land for peace" fiasco has paid a personal price. If our current administration continues on this path, our nation will suffer the consequences, just because we didn’t abandon this policy.

We’ve heard it said that "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing". I think we can also say that SATAN triumphs when CHRISTIANS do nothing. Jesus called us the salt of the earth…when it has lost its savor, it is good for nothing. It is to be thrown out into the streets to be trampled under the feet of men. That is exactly what they did in the days of Jesus. When salt lost its saltiness it was thrown into the streets to soak up the water, thereby reducing the mud. At least in its very worst state, it did serve a purpose, which is not always the case with backslidden Christians.

All spirits, whether good or evil cannot work on this earth without a BODY. Even Satan himself had to use the body of a snake to converse with Eve, in order to bring evil into God’s world. It is the same with God. He legislates HIS CHANGE through His PEOPLE! At this point, the Church seems to have fallen asleep. There is a cloud of judgment looming over the United States, but the righteous will somehow be kept through it. We all have a job to do. Some preach, some go into the arena to battle in person, and others pray. Some are on television gathering as many lost ones into the Kingdom as they can and feeding malnourished sheep, while some go on the internet to cry aloud the warning that Jesus is coming soon. All have something we are called to do. Matthew 24 and Luke 21 tell us of the signs of Christ’s coming. Jesus forewarned the Jews about their Temple being destroyed and losing their land in 70 AD and afterward; He told His disciples about their personal era; He spoke of His coming in the air to gather His Bride; and the Tribulation period. (He, who has ears to hear, let him understand).

The Spirit of Antichrist is alive and well in the world today…but how much the more is the Holy Spirit. We know these things must happen because the Word tells us so, and we are already seeing the manifestations of God’s prophecies and promises. At this writing, many powerful factions are crying for one world government…and so it shall be. The Antichrist will have his day, but so will the Christ, but His will be eternal. The Church is not looking toward the appearance of the Antichrist, but the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not know what all we will personally witness from the Matthew 24 prophecy. We only know what the Scripture tells us. It says we WIN!!!

God Bless You All,

Pastor Moser

January, 2010


W. O.W.

In the atmosphere of expectancy, comes the manifestation!