Generally, the December article has a Christmas theme. However, this time I feel the need to write on a current topic. With a new year on the horizon and a new president taking office soon, we are facing a questionable future. I have asked the Lord about all this, and I keep getting the same feeling…it is the time for the Church to rally around our country and the new president in prayer.  

   Most of God’s people have not studied Bible prophecy, and have no clue as to how close the coming of the Lord is to fulfillment. The prayer warriors and foot soldiers have gotten soft and flabby…9/11 seems so far in the past. Again it seems the watchmen on the wall have fallen asleep. The Church as a whole seems oblivious as to the signs of the times. When we should be on “high alert”, church attendance is on the decline. Many are even closing.

  This is not the time to be resting on our laurels…it is time for the Church to go back to boot camp! 

  First of all, let the intercessors arise out of slumber. YOU are the ones who stand on the frontlines of humanity…you are the foot soldiers who “walk the point”! You are sent in first. 

  Secondly, the Praise Team possesses the land. It makes the enemy quake in their tracks to hear the armies of the Lord approaching singing a victory song! 

  Thirdly, you Prophets must get out of the half-hearted seeking God for a Word for the people and start fasting and praying for a true message for the Church. 

  Fourthly, you Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and Elders need to start teaching the PURE Word of God, or get out of the pulpits. These warmed over Sunday morning messages are about as appetizing as yesterday’s soggy cornflakes. The people don’t care what the denominational headquarters wants you to preach. What good do all these programs, dinners, and social events do? Obviously not much, since the churches are losing members by the droves.

The new ones who are enticed in don’t stay very long…duh. Does that give you a clue? Most    churches aren’t growing; they are just EXCHANGING members! 

Americans are the fattest and yet the least nourished people in the world. Our churches have followed suit. We are dying of spiritual malnutrition. There are many good pastors, but most seem to have lost the courage of their convictions. They esteem the traditions of their denomination above the Word of God. I’d rather lose my “job” than stand before God and try to explain why I was too cowardly to preach the Truth to His people. 

It is time to cry aloud and spare not…SOULS are hanging in the balance. We MUST get back to the old-fashioned Gospel. We have gotten away from being battle-ready. We can’t even huff and puff up the hill, let alone TAKE the hill! 

There is a lot of joy in being spiritually fit. We are meant to be lean-mean-fighting machines when it comes to doing battle with the world, the flesh, and the devil! 

Lately, I have felt like the old boot camp Sergeant. The recruits hate him because he works them so hard…but it is because he loves them so much that he’ll take their distain if it saves their lives! He is not out there to win a popularity contest. He has one goal in mind…to get these boys ready to fight the good fight, and walk away in one piece. 

This is a body ministry...we work as one unit…we depend on each other, and serve only one Commander-in-Chief. We have but a short time to get fit. Soon this country is going to lose a lot of freedoms that godly men fought and even died for. America was founded upon the Word of God, and there are those who wish to strip that away. The Church is permitting them to do so, without a peep. It is time we become SPIRITUALLY militant, and that begins in the prayer closet. 

The old-time hell-fire and brimstone preachers kept the church awake…and alive. My God grant some of those old fire-brand spirits like the Apostle Paul and others, to visit this generation today.

And may He grant these last Church-age warriors to stand before the Throne of God with the spoils (souls) of Victory. Amen! 

May God bless you all in this coming New Year, have a wonderful Christmas, and please click on this special invitation!  Christmas invitation!

Pastor Moser

December, 2008 

W. O. W. 

“Every place that the soul of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you…”Joshua 1:3