As my regular readers know, I have a deep burden for today’s churches. I have written about the condition of the Church several times. However, I am not the only Christian who feels this way! I hear of much discontent among the congregations and how they long for the “good old days” when the pastors preached the “Hell fire and brimstone” messages. I have been around ministries for over 50 years, and I too, see the absence of the plain Gospel message. I have attended churches in different states through the years, and have witnessed this great falling away, (predicted in Rev. 3) as in the Laodicean Church, the last church age. Houses of worship have been closing for the past decade, but never more pronounced than during the past two or three years. Some churches have opted to merge with others rather than close altogether.  America is not the only country in this dilemma, by any means.

I heard a lady minister say she gets emails from all over the world.  Apparently, church growth methods have come before the vision of saving souls, and since that isn’t working either, the churches are in chaos. People as far away as Australia tell her that they have visited every church in their town, and can’t find a solid message anywhere; many are staying home and watching Christian TV. Evidently, the pastors have forgotten that Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I’ll draw all men to Me”. Perhaps we should get back to God’s plan for church growth!

It is obvious to some that a nation is only as strong as her churches are strong. It is true that “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against My Church”, but the Lord is talking about His remnant of true believers. It does appear that Hell is prevailing against church attendance! We can see that America is growing weaker in many areas, and that is largely because the churches and pastors are not doing our job! What happened to the all night prayer meetings when people came fasting and tarried around the altar crying out to God for souls?!

 America is not mentioned in the Bible. The nations who are, have been around a few thousand years, but we’re relatively the new kids on the block, having only existed as a nation 233 years. There may be a veiled reference to our country, but we obviously will not be the mightiest nation in the world much longer. Most of us have seen the buzzards circling since 9/11/01, when they tested our mettle! When 3,000 people were killed on our own soil, the churches were filled. Every TV channel showed our President and congress gathered on the steps of the White House, joining hands in prayer! That was the first and last time we saw that.

America has never been the center of God’s vision as far as countries go…Israel is. Everything has centered on His chosen people from the time of Abraham. I found it interesting that in 1492 when Columbus discovered the American territory, his Queen exiled all the Jews from Spain the same year! Many centuries later, the Jewish people found sanctuary on our shores, and had a resting place until they could return to their homeland after May 14, 1948 when Israel was legally declared a nation. As in the time of Moses, we have another Pharaoh on the scene today, who is determined to drive Israel into the sea. God Himself will fight for her as He did when the last one tried that, and the whole Egyptian army was drowned instead.  Not one Jew was harmed. In 1967 Israel’s enemies tried to blow up the entire nation, but through a series of unbelievable events, God once again gained victory for His people, and the “war” only lasted six days! As for the Church, who is the born-again Bride of Christ, including all Messianic Jews, we will be raptured out before the anti-Christ makes his move against Israel, (2 Thess. 2, Rev. 4:1), and once again, God will fight for her, and defeat His foes.
Meanwhile, America is plunging toward rough days ahead, as we descend into a more government controlled nation. Many are also concerned to see our country’s foreign policies moving toward siding with Israel’s enemies. God has blessed America in part because we have befriended Israel. Turning against Israel, not defending her, and forcing her to divide her land is a dangerous move on our part. History proves that these actions are always followed by the judgments of God on every nation who has gone that direction (“I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you”, Gen. 12:3; “...judgment of the nations who divides My land”, Joel 3:2). Here again, the Church has dropped the ball. We have allowed apathy to take over much of this country. Our Judo/Christian beliefs have reflected the stance of the majority of America for so long, that we have fallen asleep under a false sense of security. The thieves have moved in, because we quit standing watch on the wall, keeping our burden for souls, teaching the true Word of God, and living “rapture ready”.
Sadly, most Christians are Bible illiterate. We knew more Scripture as teens than most adults do today. Our young people can barely name any of the Ten Commandments. Consequently, most of our society is not guided by God’s Word, but by popular culture, which usually takes the opposite stand of the Bible. Without knowing what the Word says, there is no point of reference for good and evil, upon which the laws of our country were originally founded. The young adults have no truth to help them make decisions and morals are just relative to the current culture. We are in the midst of a famine of the Word of God, as foretold in Amos 8:11.

A great percentage of born-again Christians believe in reincarnation, some types of abortion, same sex marriage, and other ways to get to Heaven besides through Jesus! There is a spirit of personal lawlessness in the land, and little regard for anything pertaining to God or the Bible. In fact, the education system and even our government in many cases, discourages Christianity by eliminating prayer, Bible reading, or using the name of Jesus in public; yet other religions are given great concessions. Now they want to suppress our freedom of speech in our own pulpits, by calling our beliefs “hate crimes”. It reminds me of the way lobsters are cooked. The poor creatures don’t realize they are being boiled alive, and about to be consumed!

Wake up, Church! Our Lord said ‘we must get the harvest in before dark, when no man can work. Pray that the Lord will send more workers to the harvest fields’. It is now getting close to the midnight hour when God will say, “Son, go get my children”! The trumpet shall sound as Jesus steps out on a cloud to call God’s children home. The dead in Christ shall rise first to meet Him in the air and those that remain will be quickly changed, at the midnight cry when Jesus comes again.
Even so, Come Lord Jesus! Amen…

God Bless You All,
Pastor Moser
June, 2009

W. O. W.

How will they know unless we tell them? How can we go unless we are sent? Pray that the Lord will send you!