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A Word of Wisdom

As you regular readers know, at the end of each article I usually post a W.O.W. which is kind of like a “sermon in a sentence” sort of thing. I don't know about anyone else, but this summer has really started off with a bang at my house. A lot of changes, health issues, family moves, home improvements, etc. and I find that it is June already and I haven't finished May's article yet...it is like the old Dutch saying...“the hurrier I go, the behinder I get”!

Before I got back to my May article, the Lord spoke to me about faith this morning. I don't know why, I wasn't thinking about it in particular, but a TV preacher mentioned it. I don't remember what he was saying about it, because the Lord interrupted my concentration and gave me His own take on it.

He reminded me of the Scripture where we only need faith the size of a grain of mustard seed.
(Matt. 17:20). Then He revealed that He starts programming us to have faith from birth. I thought that was a curious consideration, as I have NEVER heard that said before in my life. (Don'tcha just love it when you sense that a “Life Lesson” is about to begin)?!

Mentally, I saw the whole picture of a newborn baby, no more than 6 weeks old, crying out of hunger. As soon as his mother picked him up, he stopped. The Lord said “The baby was in pain, but as soon as he felt his mother's arms around him, he quit crying. Was he still in pain? Yes. Was his stomach still hurting from  hunger? Of course. But he was programed in his mind at that tender age, that the pain was soon to stop, as his need was met. Trust and FAITH kicked into his tender spirit that at his mother's touch, his need would soon be met! Even when he himself was no bigger than a mustard seed, he was being fashioned into a “faith friendly” being! I thought  “Oh-ho Lord, You are so COOL! You never cease to rock my world with Your Wisdom”!

A “Clothes” Encounter Of The God Kind

So far, the June Article is unfolding a day at a time. It has been a couple days since I wrote  the above, but our great God is nothing if not original. He meets needs in the oddest ways at times. And what is so amazing is they don't have to be big or important needs. It seems as if our  “Bridegroom and soon coming King” gets a kick out of surprising His “Bride to be” in sweet little ways. I know how thrilled we get when we see God do miracles, like salvations and healings and wondrous provisions, like when the mortgage is due and we don't have a dime to our name, then suddenly the money comes in, and other phenomenal answers to prayer. But I get so touched by the tender things that my sweet Jesus does just to remind me of how much He cherishes me!

I once saw a Bumper Sticker that read, “Born to Shop”! Well, I must have been born without a 'shopping gene' in my body, because I am not like most women...I HATE TO SHOP! Even when I was a teen and it was time to go back to school, my mother would have to drag me to the Mall. I'd huff into the store, march straight into the fitting room, while Mom went to the clothing racks and collected the outfits she thought would look good on me. I would try them on for her, then huff back to the car while she paid for the ones she thought were the most flattering. I know that sounds bizarre for a teen-aged girl to act like that, but I thought I looked fat in everything, and nothing pleased me, so it seemed to be a workable solution for the both of us! Besides, Mom had good taste, and I always looked nice and in style with the other girls.

After I married and became a mother, my weight eventually ballooned to almost 300 lbs! I have spent over 40 years battling this demon, and eventually I achieved a normal size for a woman my age. During these last few years, I have gotten down to my goal weight. Now, suddenly I don't have anything to wear! Last summer, I asked a friend to go shopping with me. That didn't work very well. We both have arthritis, and can't walk long or far, so we each got a store cart to ride around, which was a disaster. DUH...the clothing racks are too close together for one of those carts to navigate around, let alone 2 of them! At one point, we almost had an unplanned game of bumper cars!

Another year has passed, and I have lost a few more  pounds and those old “fat” clothes are really pitiful this year. I couldn't leave the yard, as I looked like a poor, old bag lady! I think the neighbors started mistaking me for a hungry person who was lurking around the Pastors door, looking for a meal!

 Oh, I got by during the winter months with a coat on, but since warm weather has finally set in, I've been too embarrassed to go anywhere. We are in the middle of June already, and I can no longer hide under a coat, so something had to be done. I was pondering as to how I could possibly go shopping, as walking, searching the racks, dragging everything back to the fitting room, getting undressed, trying things on, getting redressed, hauling things back, and beginning the process all over again, exhausted me just thinking about it!

I was walking through the kitchen as I was pondering this dilemma, and there it was...that still, small, Voice welling up in my spirit. My sweet Lord said, “Call the store and ask the Ladies Department manager if they have a sales girl who could be your personal shopper for the afternoon. Explain your personal handicaps, and ask if she can meet you at the door, and collect the items you need”. I was amazed and had to smile as I thought, “Yeah, Lord, what do the rich ladies have over The King's Daughter”!
I just couldn't get over and STILL can't, that the God of the Universe cared about me buying some clothing in comfort! “Oh, Lord... twice in the same week...You have rocked my world again!!!”
And I could see Him smile...WOW!!!

I called, and made the arrangements, got to the store and “Jen” was awaiting me. What a sweet girl she was. She did help a couple other ladies, but spent 95% of her time with me. She would go get things (and she, too, had good taste), wait while I tried them on, and kept running back and forth until we finally found out what size I now wear. I got a rain jacket, shirts, slacks, and a few other things. I could see that she was tired, but she denied it. She not only met me at the door, but even escorted me out, about 3 hours later! She had done most of the work, yet I was WORN OUT, but HAPPY! I thought about all those years ago, when I'd go shopping with Mom, and waiting in the fitting room while she brought the clothes back to me... and I got a lump in my throat while driving home.


This last testimony in the June Article, is entitled:

Signs, Wonders, and Miracles!

I began January's article by telling about my family's move to Texas to go to Bible school. It was there that we learned of the supernatural power of God, and that His miracles were still happening even in our day and age. We once had an opportunity to go to a highly publicized meeting held in a theater-type building, downtown, to hear an evangelist who had experienced the Supernatural, quite by accident, when he was still a child. It was a pretty good sized crowd, and the air felt charged with anticipation.

The crowd grew silent as the minister, Ron, walked out onto the gymnasium style floor in front of the graduated seating aisles and began his testimony.
As a  boy, he lived in one of the southern states and was about 10 years of age or even younger, when he was out in the pasture one afternoon. He bent down to crawl under the top rail of a fence, did not see the piece of barbed wire wrapped around the rail...and it put out his right eye!

Just a few years later, a barefoot, Pentecostal, lady preacher came to their home town, to hold a tent revival, and Ron's mother wanted to go. She knew this preacher-woman believed in healing, and Ron had been suffering with a very bad cold, so she decided they should go.

The minister did not disappoint, and as Dad Ewing used to say, “When the tide of faith is high” (as it was in that old tent on a hot summer's night), “that is when the Lord can move”.

The line was long, but finally it was Ron's turn. The Preacher had just asked what was the boy's need but before his mom could tell her about Ron's cold, and that they couldn't afford to go to the doctor, and the home remedies weren't working, the preacher-woman exclaimed, “Oh I see what it is. Something is wrong with his right eye”. Before Mom could say “No, he has no eye! My son has a bad cold and...”, the minister slapped her hand over Ron's eye socket and commanded healing and perfect vision to return, in JESUS NAME!

A few years earlier, before our family moved down south to the Church/School, we had heard of this man Ron who could see through his glass eye. I couldn't figure out how this worked. I wondered if he could see because the glass eye itself had the power to see. I said to my father-in-law, “You know, that is really amazing...just think how handy that would be. If you can't see what's on a top shelf, just pop out the eye and hold it up there and you can see everything”! But he just smiled and said, “No, I don't think it works that way”.

Now, years later, I was actually seeing this miracle for myself! I couldn't believe it...that God would actually allow me to see this man in person.

Back at the meeting, Ron took out his glass eye and showed it to the audience. He then started walking across every aisle, stopping in front of each person, holding his eyelid open so that all could see, up close, that it was, indeed, just flesh inside that hole. He then went down to the front again, and motioned for his assistants to come to him. They started bandaging over the good eye. Layers of those square gauze pads and white adhesive tape, until a ball of padding stuck out from his face. He then called for a few in the audience to come down with their Drivers License in hand for him to read aloud, not last names or complete addresses for privacy sake, but mostly first names and numbers, which were smaller to read. Since we were sitting in one of the front rows, my husband was the first one in line...and Ron read his license  perfectly! WOW! Is God great, or what?! AND I was there...close and in person!!!
“Many believe because they have seen...blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe”. (John 20:29).


 Dear Readers:
I hope you have enjoyed reading this month's article as much as I enjoyed writing it!

God Bless you all,
Pastor Moser
June, 2011