Our Daily Bread

In 1938 a physician by the name of Dr. M. R. De Haan, who later became a pastor, began the Radio Bible Class, in Detroit Michigan. In 1965 his son, Richard De Haan took it over, and today the grandson, Mart De Haan, is at the helm.

It was in the 1960’s that I first became aware of the ministry, and today millions of people all over the world, get the “Our Daily Bread” daily devotionals, and also watch their TV program, “Day of Discovery”. For three generations, the De Haan’s have dedicated themselves to the accurate translation of the Word of God, and encouraging God’s people to read it.

For more information about this ministry and their resources, you can find them on the web at www.rbc.org or www.discoveryseries.org to check out their publications, and order the

Our Daily Bread” devotionals.

As I have stated before on this site, The Home Place Mission has no affiliation with any other ministry, but only recommends those who have been a personal spiritual blessing to us.

As some of you regular readers know, I emphasize reading the Bible on a daily basis. We are on this journey of life heading toward a definite location, called Heaven. There is no way anyone would undertake a long journey without a roadmap. Nor can anyone travel for very long without taking provisions for the journey. Of course this journey is not by any modern means of transportation, but it is a daily walk…and it lasts a lifetime.

We often come up against obstacles, and may even run into giants in the land, who don’t want us passing through “their” territory. However, if we know what the Bible says, we know the “Earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof”…and “if God be FOR us, WHO can be against us”! When we read “The battle is the LORD’S” we then realize we can proceed through these valleys and ignore the giants without fear; “For GOD has not given us the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind”!

I often hear people ask “HOW does one study the Bible…daily reading is essential, but how can we understand what we are reading and how do we begin a study”? There are many ways to begin a Bible study…you can start reading at the beginning go through the middle and on to the end! Some teachers tell their students to begin with the first four books in the New Testament, called the Gospels. Still others find searching out a particular subject proves quite interesting…of course you need a Concordance to help with that, which can be found in any Bible Book Store. I recommend a Concordance for any study method you choose, as well as a book about the manners and customs of Bible times. Since there is such a cultural difference, this kind of book is of immense value to understanding the ways of the Hebrew times and lives. There are several types of these two study aids, with various names, so you must allow some time to browse, or ask an assistant to help find the ones best suited to you.

Any time you sit down to read the Word of God, you have to ask yourself a few questions, such as: who is talking…to whom are they talking…and what is the culture and the period of this time? For instance, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to Philemon, which is where most of the books of the Bible originate…as letters to a person or a church group, or even as a diary.

The book (letter) of Philemon was written by Paul while he was in Rome…it is called one of his Prison Epistles (letters), because it is thought that Paul was imprisoned at this time.

Philemon was a slave owner and Paul wrote to him concerning his runaway slave who ended up in Rome and met Paul, who ministered to him. (Please read the story for yourself). The point is that the Bible is not in favor of slavery by any means, but that was the culture of that day! So God, through Paul, is trying to make the best of a terrible situation, until the hearts of men are changed and slavery abolished!

There are several things that happened in that particular day, place, and age, which God did not approve of, but knew in the future mankind would finally seek His will and change the laws of the land.

There are many scriptures that are written only to the Jewish people. In fact the Bible was mostly written to the Jews, for the Jews, and by the Jews. Luke is the only known Gentile writer. However the history of Israel is also our ancestry, as we have been adopted into the family and grafted into the bloodline. The Apostle Paul’s writings were the ones that structured the Gentile Church, yet the principles of the New Testament apply to us all.

The Bible is so full of history, but it is so very up-to-date, that it applies to our own day and age. There are people sold into slavery in some parts of the world today. The Bible also tells us of the future. Most people do not realize that the Church is STILL living in Bible times…in fact we are approaching the 4th chapter of the Revelation. We are told what is about to happen AND the countries involved in these last days of this last Church Age.

The new Home Place Mission address is posted on our home page. If you have any questions, please write! Until next time, may God be with you all!

Pastor Moser

January, 2009

W. O. W.

“Study to show yourself approved unto God, as a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”. (2 Timothy 2:15)