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This month we celebrated Father's Day! I thank God for the wonderful fathers that so many of us have had. For those who didn’t have a father at home or one, perhaps, that were not a very good father, we have a Holy Father to whom we can relate, through His Word. The Bible tells us what kind of a person a father should be, in that God is the example of the perfect father. He sent Jesus to this earth in the form of a man, i.e. He was God with skin on! He was an example to us in the flesh!

If we didn't have a loving Christian father, then God will provide us with His own father figure in our lives. We can see them in many of our churches. These are the men who take the time to mentor the children and/or teens. They teach by example. In the church where I was trained, our pastor was called “Dad” rather than Rev. or Pastor. As he was elderly, even the adults referred to him as “Dad” Ewing, and he truly was a father figure to us all!

A father is the head of the home, but does not “rule” over others in his care. He “leads” by example. His best friend is God, then his wife, in that order, which is also the order of responsibility. The children are next on Dad's list of priorities. Even if Dad is a minister, it still doesn't change God's Divine Order, as long as the children live at home, and are legal dependents (unless there are extenuating circumstances). He not only physically and financially guards over his home, but over the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of his family.

There have been two women in my life who had exceptional fathers. Oddly enough, their fathers were the favorite parent, in both cases!

Happy Father's Day!

(Proverbs 22:6)

God Bless You All,
Pastor Moser
June, 2013

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