My mother, Pastor Moser, is the founder of this website.  She passed away suddenly in October 2013, just days short of her 69th birthday.  She felt a heavy burden to write, what she called her "articles", monthly and have them posted right away.  During the latter part of last year, she felt tired frequently (due to her unknown health condition at that time) and would sometimes have to combine months for one article as her monthly deadline would pass.  She felt awful having to combine two months at a time but nevertheless, she felt a calling to teach and to share, with all who would read, insights into the Scriptures.  

Mom was an avid watcher of TV ministers such as Perry Stone, John Hagee, and her favorite, Les Feldick (who she called a "teacher of the Word").  She once pastored a small country church, she conducted home Bible study meetings, she visited the infirmed in the hospital, and she had a radio program she hosted weekly on a local station.  As her health declined, Mom had to end all of these activities and she struggled with not being able to serve the Lord in teaching or by praying with others.  I encouraged her by pointing out that the Lord can still use us, even if we are house-bound.  At that time, this website was her only outreach for awhile till she was able to become a prayer counselor from home for Cornerstone Television which she did till her death.  This gave her much happiness, being able to encourage people in the Lord and to pray with them. 

My mom wanted so much to be with Jesus, more than anything else.  Although very unexpected, her death was not dreadful nor sad.  My mom is right where she has always dreamed of being, with her Lord and Savior.  I do miss hearing her voice and getting her comforting advice but I still talk to her frequently and I believe I'll see her later. . .

We hope you have been encouraged and blessed by reading her articles and thank you for being a part of The Homeplace Mission.