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I was reading an online intro to a book, and the author said that “the most valuable thing that we all possess is time. In our busy lives, it is so hard to carve out even a few minutes for introspection, reflection, or even meaningful thought. But if we don't have hours at our disposal, we do have a moment here, a moment there”. I need to buy Rabbi Twerski's book (Seize the Moments) to gain his insights, but just the title was all I needed to jog my memory. It was amazing that I was talking to my friend only a week earlier about that very same subject...prayer time! Again, my favorite Dutch Proverb comes to mind, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”, because I never seem to FIND the time to get down to serious prayer. I thought that in my retirement years, time would no longer pose a problem, but that is not the case.“Now it takes me all day to do what I used to do all day long”!

Pastor Judy and I were talking about prayer that morning, and how hard it is to make time for uninterrupted prayer. Since she lives next door to their Church, she walks over on certain mornings, and spends her prayer time shut off from the world, and is totally immersed in fellowship with Jesus. However, most of us do not have that convenience, and have to develop some type of “a pray as you go” plan. As we were discussing this problem of time, I shared with her, and now with you, some of the things I have learned to do:

I have learned to use my driving time to pray. This has been such a blessing to me, especially when going to familiar places and not having to watch for route numbers. This is especially easy for Pentecostals who speak in their prayer language, and don't even have to think about what they are saying. The Holy Spirit does all the thinking and we just say the words He gives us. It is called Unknown Tongues, because it is an unknown language to the prayer but certainly known to God and others who have that language as their native tongue. Therefore, we just lend our voice and mouth to the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, and the prayer goes directly to the Father, and totally by-passes our brain. This is a very convenient way to pray when driving, because we can keep our mind on what we are doing and not endanger any other driver or pedestrian! It also cuts down on getting lost!

If you have to pray in your own language, then perhaps it is best to pray at stop lights, or any place where you have to wait for traffic, or waiting for someone you are picking up. And don't worry about others seeing your lips move, while driving. Hopefully, they will think you are singing to the radio, and not talking on the phone, or to yourself!

Unless I am watching Christian TV, I get a lot of prayer time in during TV commercials. If you time it, you will notice that the regular programs are on for 5 minutes and the commercials are on for 3 minutes. It is best that you sit with your prayer list handy, and pray for each person a full 3 minutes. I know that may sound silly to some people, but if you are that busy, you have to start somewhere. Remember, the strongest demon in Hell trembles when the weakest Christian gets down to pray. You may be surprised. There may come a day when you get so engrossed in your prayer that you won't notice when the program resumes!

Another way to “Redeem the time, (because the days are evil” Eph. 5:16), is to read the Word while waiting in the doctor or dentist's office, at the hospital, the garage, or any place where we are required to just sit and wait. I have a paper back Book of John and also the Book of Romans that I carry in my purse, in an easy to understand translation. They are small enough for a man's back pocket, as well, but the print is large enough for most of us to read. You can even put it inside a magazine if you are shy about reading the Word in public places. It is amazing how much we can do to “redeem the time”!

I realize this month's article is not any great revelation to most of you readers, but for some it may be a real Godsend. I am one person who has learned in life to not despise small beginnings (Job 8:7) and that things come to us here a little and there a little, line upon line, and precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10). We all must start somewhere, and wherever you are right now, that is where you'll stay unless you take that first baby step. We all have to walk before we can run, and we have to run before we can keep up with the chariots. And who knows...YOU may be one of those who outrun the horses?! Amen.

Earlier this year the Lord gave me a Word for His people. I don't remember if I shared it with you, but even if I have, it bears repeating. I'm adding it here as my final thought to this message. The Lord said,

“Many of my people feel over-looked and under-valued. Rather than up-lifted, they feel down-trodden. But I look upon you and value you, my own. I lift you up on eagles wings and you will trod in Heavenly places. You are richly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved”.

God Bless You All,
Pastor Moser
September, 2011


Do not expect Godly recognition from ungodly people.