The holidays have already begun and it seems to be a concrete truth...the older we get the faster time flies. I know that is scientifically impossible, as 24/7 is the same for everyone, but somehow this is a Senior phenomenon. To all you skeptics, I quote the very elderly gentleman in a scene where he is speaking to Archie Bunker about getting old, "You'll see, Sonny, you'll see"! That seems to sum it is a truth...the days fly faster the older you get...or as a modern philosopher observed, "Life is like a roll of toilet paper...the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes"!

All of us who are now called Seniors, surely have seen a lot in our lifetime. Some good, some not, but yet we are grateful for it all. Everything that happens to us is another touch of the Potters hand, which forms and fashions us into the vessels we are today...and that goes for everyone.

This time of year, we think of family and home and celebrating with those we love around a heavily laden table. Some may be well versed in the story about the Pilgrims crossing the great ocean in the Mayflower, and settling this land with the help of the Indians. However, it was the Lord who led, guided, protected and strengthened His people (including some of the Indians) to begin this country as we now know it. This is the day we are supposed to thank GOD for our amazing history, as the Pilgrims gave Him thanks so very long ago.

And talking about thanks, I counted over 30 verses that had the word Thanksgiving in them, and over 100 verses pertaining to thankfulness in the Bible. It seems it is important to give God thanks and praise for all His wondrous works. We can't even get into His presence unless we "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise..." (Psalms 100:4). When we desire an audience with the King, this is the spiritual protocol. This is the proper prayer procedure, when bringing a petition or making supplication or intercession for ourselves or others, before our Lord.

Earthly kings and leaders expect certain honor from their subjects or much more honor should we give the King of kings!

I'm not writing a long Thanksgiving message...I just want to encourage each one to count your blessing this year, above all other festivities. In fact, we even made it a family tradition, many years ago. I had heard of this tradition and introduced it into my own household.

Each dinner guest finds 3 kernels of corn (we use popcorn) on their plate, when they come to the table. We pass a container around, such as a small, fancy jar I use every year. Each person tells something they are thankful for this past year, as they drop each kernel into the jar. This goes fairly quickly and then the prayer is said over the meal. I love this little family tradition, and I have saved the corn over the years with a little note inside the jar, stating the names of all who attended the dinner and the date. There are kernels of corn in the jar from those who have moved away or gone on to Glory. My mother's kernels are in that jar, as well as my husband's. They are in Heaven now, but they left their blessings with me.

Each family should start a Thanksgiving Family Tradition of your own, if you don't have one. Your kids will always remember it as a personal family time. Make it a festive time, love each other and enjoy the day. Above all, give thanks...especially for JESUS, our greatest gift!

Happy Thanksgiving and Hugs to All,
Pastor Moser
November, 2006

W. O. W.

What we do in life, echoes in eternity! (The Gladiator)

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(compliments of Rhonda in Holland, Netherlands)