I am blessed with two “prayer partners”. These are women of God who know how to pray. They know how to get before God with needs and requests and “pray through” which is an old fashioned term in the Church that we don’t hear much anymore. (It means you pray until the burden is lifted and you feel peace that the Lord is now taking over).

When we pray together about a particular thing, it is called the prayer of agreement, which Jesus talked about in Matthew 18:19. I have had various prayer partners throughout my life, and I can testify that God’s Word is true. Jesus is in the midst of His people who are agreeing in prayer for a specific thing, in His Name.

I was talking with one of my partners over the weekend, who had a certain need. I said that I would share with the other partner, because “it is time to bring in the A (agreement) Team”! There is such POWER in the prayer of agreement! I have seen it evidenced many, many times during my walk with Christ.

There is a multitude of Christians throughout the centuries we call Prayer Warriors. They have served the believers since the beginning of recorded history, and still do. Every Christian church has them. They are the water that keeps the Gospel ship afloat throughout the world.

In the Old Testament we see the Prophets of God were men of prayer. However, there were many others in the background, especially women, who served God unnoticed, but never unfelt! In the New Testament, in which we are still living, they are all over the world, wherever the Message has been heard, using their ministry to shape the events to bring on the fulfillment of the Holy Commission to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel” (Acts 1:8).

Here in our country, every denomination and every church body who names the name of Christ, has it’s own A Team. Usually they are the unnoticed ones, the quiet ones who don’t call attention to themselves. I remember Billy Graham recounting a story about someone saying to him that he would be at the head of the line in Heaven to collect his awards, since so many souls had been saved under Graham’s ministry. He responded by saying that he would be behind the little old lady prayer warriors! Dr. Graham is a humble but wise man. He was not being offensive, but realized that a goodly number of praying people are women…as was his own wife. He also knew that most retired people are more able to devote themselves to a life of prayer.

The Bible reports a time when Israel needed help, during a time when a fierce battle was being fought against their enemy (Exodus 17). Moses told Joshua to choose men and go out to battle against Amalek (Israel’s constant foe), and he would be there at the top of a hill overlooking the battle, with the Rod of God in his hand. The next morning, as promised, Moses took Aaron and Hur with him and went to the top of the hill. The battle was fierce, and as long as Moses stood with the Rod in his hand, as he had done at the parting of the Red Sea, Israel prevailed in the battle, but when he rested his arms, Amalek prevailed. All day the battle waged, and Moses was exhausted. Aaron and Hur placed a rock under Moses to sit upon and they stood on either side of him and held up his arms! His arms were steady until the sun went down, and Israel won the battle.

Psalm 98:1 also speaks about a correlation between arms and victory...”the Lord’s right hand and holy arm has gotten Him the victory”.

I see the intercessors as Aaron and Hur. We hold up the arms of those who are engaged in the battle. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit with the ability to pray in other languages that are unknown to us, that is the Spirit interceding for people and/or situations unknown to us. As those two men held up Moses’ arms, which held up the Rod of God, causing Israel to win, the prayer warriors are working in unison to lift up the Holy Spirit. It is He who holds up the Rod of God (Jesus) who prevails upon the Father to gain the victory in whatever battle that rages.

There are no small ministries in the Body of Christ; any more than one part of the human body is less significant than the rest. All body parts are needed for us to function smoothly; if one member is missing, the body is out of balance.

During WWII, General Douglas MacArthur said “In war, there is no substitute for victory”. The price of victory is constant vigilance. The Prayer Warriors are the “Watchmen on the Wall” that surrounds the city. Many if not most times, they see the enemy coming from afar off, before the rest of the Church, and they sound the alarm. They are also the first ones into the battle…as they fight on their knees!

These Warriors immediately go into the throne room of God, requesting help before the rest of the congregation knows a battle is about to ensue. People of prayer are also usually blessed with prophetic gifts because they are often in the presence of God and He tells them things!

Wise pastors cultivate classes on prayer in their churches, and often consult with their prayer teams. You never know which of these seemingly insignificant ones, may have the ear of God!

God Bless You All,

Pastor Moser

August, 2009

W. O. W.

Nothing of spiritual significance can be built, until a foundation of prayer is laid”…”Dad” Ewing