There have been many articles concerning the fact bumblebees aren't built for flying. Their bodies are too large for their wings, and flight defies the laws of aerodynamics. This baffled the scientific world for many years. They had no explanation for this phenomena.
A lot of Sunday morning messages are still based on this riddle, and many preachers have gotten a lot of good points across, as to how God does the impossible by using the bumblebee example.

However, scientists later discovered the answer to this mystery. The easiest way for me to explain it is that bumblebees are the helicopters of the insect world. Because their wings are so much smaller than their body, the usual flapping up and down could never get them airborne.

A helicopter's wings are also smaller than the body of the craft and it doesn't look as if it could ever lift off the ground, either. Yet, because of the rotation of the blades, it can rise straight up, go down, or sideways. Evidently, bumblebee wings operate on that same principle.
I find it so amazing that God created helicopters long before man did...and we didn't even realize it. God winks at our wisdom!

The Bible records many miracles. I have noticed that several of them seem as if God has taken the natural and used it in an unnatural way to bring about the supernatural. For example:  the Flood (worldwide rain, plus underwater earthquakes), the destruction of Sodom, and even David slaying Goliath, to name a few.

Then, there are other miracles that have no natural explanation at all. For instance, the raising of the dead, and men blind since birth suddenly able to see, just because Jesus declared it. One of the most incredible was two men defying the law of gravity and walking on top of the Sea. This is physically and scientifically impossible. One was half God and half man...Jesus. The other was  totally human...Peter. Jesus just called to him and bid His friend to come out to Him. It was by faith, that Peter stepped out of the boat and actually walked on the water, for a while. When he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at his surroundings, Peter's faith failed and he began to sink...but he did walk!

Perhaps, beyond the scientific explanation, this is the real reason bumblebees fly. God told them to, and they believe they can!

God Bless You All,
Pastor Moser
September, 2006


God doesn't call the equipped...He equips the called.