During the early 1920's, bush pilots flew their Jenny bi-planes around the countryside, "barnstorming" (flying not much higher than the average barn).  Some pilots also added an extra thrill by having stunt men or women, walk across the top wing.  Of course, the bright yellow plane, the loud noise of the engine, and a trail of white smoke from the exhaust, drew crowds.  But the main idea was to introduce aviation to the public, and open minds to the amazing possibilities of flight.  The stunts were an added attraction, and far as I know, there is still a professional team of Wing-walkers performing in Europe.

In 2002, Hollywood released a movie set in the Pacific during WWII, entitled "Windtalkers."  The U.S. Intelligence Service was desperately seeking a fool-proof encryption code, immune to the Japanese code breakers.  The answer was soon discovered in the ancient language of the Navajo.  Enlisted into the Marine Corps are several "Windtalkers" who are deployed to the front line areas of the Pacific, to use their language as an impossible-to-crack secret code.  These Navajo code talkers are invaluable and their lives must be protected at any cost... but if not, they can never be captured alive by the enemy.  And so the story goes.

The above paragraphs have noting to do with this month's article, except to introduce these two terms.  If you read last month's article (The Old Kitchen Table), you may remember how this has been a horrific summer for my family so far.  We have dealt with death, disease, and divorce, and it isn't even August yet!  July has been another month of trauma and drama, and I have not had time to get down to writing my article.

I had been praying about it over the very last weekend, but my mind was so unsettled with new events happening Saturday and Sunday, I couldn't hear the Lord.  One family member said, "When I think it can't possibly get worse, it DOES!"  And sure enough, Monday was a literal life/death struggle...b ut God really answered prayer that day.

With this latest crisis averted, my mind was finally calm enough where I could hear that still, small voice of God in my heart-ear this morning.  While I was taking a shower (yes, God speaks to us in the bathroom), the phrase "Wing-walker and Code-talker" popped into my mind.  I knew that God was getting ready to reveal this article.  (He often gives me the title first.)

The Lord began to remind me of how He had kept us through all our trials.  I partially remembered a scripture from Psalms that had something to do with wings, but couldn't quite see how it fit.  I looked it up and sure enough in Psalms 104:3, there it was... "God walks upon the wings of the wind!"

The Holy Spirit revealed how throughout this year of crises, every time we were hit with tragedy, God would lift us up, and cause us to walk on the wings of the wind... hallelujah!

When I was reading an article about the wing-walkers, it said the wind was so great on the top wing that they would have all they could do to hang on... and some couldn't.  (I can relate to that!)  However, we can because when we are in God's presence, He enables us to walk on the wings of the winds of adversity, praise His Holy Name! Prayer gets us into His presence. Praise gets us into His presence.

My mind went to the term, code-talkers.  That scripture came to me immediately... Mark 16:17. "And these signs shall follow them that believe... they shall speak with new tongues."

In the movie, nobody could crack the Navajo code.  It is the same with those who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit.  No one can translate the code unless they are a "code-talker."  Those of us who have experienced this blessing know the value of speaking in tongues.  The wonder of it is, that it's God (the Holy Spirit) talking to God (the Father), and borrowing our tongue to do it!  The prayer is PERFECT.  It is free from selfish desires, and it is impossible to pray for anything that is not already in the divine will of the Father.

It is also perfect praise... again, there is no self there trying to earn points with God.  Finally, it is a perfect petition.  You can pray for someone on a prayer list that you've never met, even if you're not sure how to pray.  Or you may be interceding for someone, somewhere, who is in great danger.  (I always pray in "code" when I get flyers in the mail on missing kids.)

The devil hates when we pray in tongues.  It is a powerful tool.  Those days when the trials were the worst, I would start to get depressed.  One day I remembered my "power tools."  I got in the presence of God, and started praying in "code" (even as I was doing housework).  I felt so much better that I was able to minister to others later that day.  I decided that I'd better do it on a daily basis, like I did when I first received the Holy Spirit infilling.

This "end-time church" is becoming a generation of wing-walkers and code-talkers, as it was in the 1st century.  The only way to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil during these last days before the Lord's appearing, is through the daily application of these "power tools."

Jesus is preparing his Bride to meet him in the air.  Get ready, get ready, get ready!  He is coming soon!... Amen!

God Bless You All,

Pastor Moser
July, 2006

W. O. W.

A long-standing Christian marriage had just broken up, and the grieving wife cried, "Why Lord, WHY"?
God answered, "I have made you creatures of choice. He has made his choice. What is yours"?

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