Welcome to The Home Place Mission

Hello Neighbor! You may have noticed we have changed our format from the original website we put up in the year 2000. Since we have been called to teach the Word of God, that is what this site is dedicated to do.

We don't have the flash, pictures, sound effects, music, and attention-grabbing visuals that so many other sites have.

Although we don't criticize other presentations, and in fact, also find them enjoyable, that is not our way.

We just teach the old-fashioned Gospel, in our own personal, down-home style... much like the old story-tellers of our childhood.

Our articles will be found on The Pastor's Desk section of this site, and new ones are posted on a regular basis.

Please stop by often, and e-mail us at  the_rev_mother@yahoo.com  with any questions or comments you may have or if you would like to be a part of our monthly notify list.  We will answer you back, as soon as possible!

God bless you,
Rev. C. L. Moser